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Jeton Cards

Just like real cash, but digital, safer and better.
Jeton Payments

The Jeton way of paying online

Use your Jeton card to buy, sell and spend money online. Jeton makes payments possible without leaving sensitive financial information online.

Select Jeton

Select from €10 to €250.


Purchase your Jeton card from a recommended reseller site.


The card can be redeemed on hundreds of websites, for purchasing and goods online using your secure code.


How easy is it to use Jeton?

Available in multiple currencies and can be used for multiple times as long as there is a balance on the card.

Jeton Pay API
Safe Payment Shoppers

You don’t need a bank account and certainly don’t need to leave your sensitive information behind on websites. We provide you with a Jeton card to pay online easily, and for free.

E-Wallet Merchant

Reach your global customers by adding a secure online payment method to your checkout options. Jeton cards can be issued in multiple currencies.

Digital Wallet Resellers

Our ready-to-use API allows you to integrate and start issuing Jeton card immediately. We provide 24/7 customer support in various languages.

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